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Bob Frassinetti, Art Collector & Antiques Dealer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lighthouses, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile

Bob Frassinetti, art collector and antique dealer
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From Art to Lighthouse Tours and Travel Adventure

Slide Show, for Lighthouses In Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Lighthouses found in Buenos Aires and along the Argentinean Coastline Documentary Idea Bob Frassinetti Video Film made by Julian Rodriguez and Juan Pablo Bano Part One in Buenos Aires and Medanos Point Argentina... Argentina’s architecture is one of its finest artistic and more evidentially cultural expressions. No wonder its capital city, Buenos Aires, was christened The Paris of South America, for its outstanding aesthetic resemblance in terms of style and quality. Early in the 20th century, when Argentina was celebrating its centennial and rehabbing the country’s major cities welcoming Modern times into their landscape as well as their own culture, Europe was going through a turmoil of political and economical growth and change. Back then London, Paris, Berlin and Rome were the capitals of style, homes to aesthetic masterminds and developers; however there was not much room for upcoming artists creating in the edge of technique and rule. More information: Bob Frassinetti

Lighthouses, Argentina
Lighthouses, Argentina. Book by Servicio de Hidrografia Naval, Argentina. Only book on lighthouses in Argentina.Over 100 pages. All the lighthouses, and great details and wondderfull photos.A great addition to your collection. Email me for more information: Email Bob Frassinetti. The Buenos Aires Art Dealer,Argentina.
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Lighthouses in Argentina
Lighthouses in Argentina 
Some information on the book,has a hard cover, 102 full color pages,some 13 1/2 inches tall by 10 1/2 inches wide ... This book was made in honor of the 125th aniversary of the National hidography service center. It's a second edition ... throughout it's fantastic pages you'll find information, beautiful pictures and drawings on the folowing lighthouses: Punta Piedras, San Antonio, Punta Medanos , Querandi, Mar Chiquita, Punta Mogotes, Quequen, Claromeco, Recalcada a Bahia Blanca, El Rincon, Segunda Barranca, San Matias, Rio Negro, Almirante Brown, Punta Tehuelche, Punta Delgada, Punta Ninfas, San Gregorio, San Jorge, Cabo Blanco, Beauvoir, Isla Pinguino, Punda Medanosa, Cabo Virgenes, San Diego, Año Nuevo, Le Maire, Les Eclaireurs, 1 st of May and Esperanza. There are also special sections including fantastic photographs on Optics, Stairs, & Views. As well as the smaller brothers, "hermanos menores", the samller and different kind of lighthouses that are not built in concrete for their need to adapt to the particular weather conditions in the Patagiona and the nearby Antartic, and also several micelania information on collectibles of lighthouses. Last but not least, there's a bibliography section for all readers to be able to deepen the information on a particular matter. It's a full and complete book, top quality and with nothing similar ever been done with the Argentine lighthouses a must for any lighthouse fan. Hope this info clears up a bit about the book... please don't hesitate to ask any further questions on the matter.... Cheers, Bob Frassinetti. So if you are looking to buy art, antiques or collectibles from Buenos Aires, or from the City of Cordoba, Mendoza, Entre Rios or Rosario, in Argentina, then check this my web cam for all kinds of items, I can show you my office and any item LIVE, and for more information: Contact me See "artdealer_ar" profile on Yahoo, I'm online now!:You can chat with me using Yahoo Instant Messenger. Email : Email Bob Frassinetti.Read more about items, Press here to see : A Daily up date on Art, Antiques as well as Collectibles from Bob Frassinetti, Art Dealer & Journalist. So if you are interested in any item, from Art, Antiques, passing threw Collectibles and just to mention some like Advertising, Advertising Art, Architectural, Art Deco, Auto Parts, Badges, Banks, Beswick, Bottle, Bottle Openers, Bronze, Button, Calendars, Candy Containers, Carnival Glass, Chandeliers, Christmas, Coca Cola, Corkscrews, Elvis Presley, Ethnic Art, Ethnic Toys, Fans, Fishing, Fishing Reels, Folk Art, Francisco Adaro, Furniture, Lamps and lightning items, the wild 60's and 70's, Garden Furnishing, Girl Scout, Glass Art, Glass Contemporary, Golf, Halloween, Inkwells, Insulators, Ivory, Japanese Woodblock Prints, Jewellery, Judaic, Kitchen, Knife, Lamps, Lighters, Lightning Rod , Majolica, Match Holders, Medical, Motorcycles, Music, Napkin Rings, Nautical, Netsuke’s, Nutcrackers, Paintings, Liberato Spisso, born Buenos Aires, Argentina. 14 March 1903, Portrait Artist, Viski, Jean ( Janos ) 1891 - 1961, Old Car, Paper, Paperweights, Pens, Pencils, Pencil Sharpeners, Pepsi Cola, Perfume Bottles, Pewter, Phonographs, Photography, Postcards, Posters, Prints, Radio, Railroad , Records, Steam Tractor, Scientific Instruments, Sewing, Sheet Music, Silver, Souvenirs, Sports, Stero Cards, Stereoscopes, Telephones, Television, Tools, Toys, "The Buenos Aires Toy Museum. Argentina", Tractor, Typewriters, Watch, Weapons, Weather Vanes, Wood Carvings, Wooden, World's Fair, to say Wristwatches. For more information on what we can get you:Email Bob Frassinetti. And see our webzine magazine, The Buenos Aires Art Dealer, Argentina. For information on the subject

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Lighthouse Tours Argentina, Uruguay and then Chile.

Seeking Lighthouse around Argentina. Part I
Topic: Lighthouse Tour
Touring in and around Buenos Aires,docks and building, as well as the River Plate's Martin Garcia Island and the South Atlantic sea coast for a 12 wonderful days of adventure and discovery.... 

Argentina's lighthouses are a wonderful trademark to this broad and beautiful land. It shouldn't be an other way for a "discovered" territory. It was one of the first constructions to be done when arriving to main land, in order to guide the upcoming travelers, these were rough and precarious, made out of wood and sometimes just a fire on the coast. As those initial ports began to transform into bigger and more important cities, as technology in terms of illumination evolved, these precarious lighthouses began to be transformed and converted into architectural icons, impressive lighthouses, that enlighten the shores of the "new" continent. Serving as important beacons to all sort of ships sailing the waters off the Atlantic coast. 

The 19th century was the time in which most of the southern lighthouses were built, expressing through means of their lines and concepts aesthetic trends prevalent in good old Europe, and sometimes new and native trends that blended with some classic solid feature. Most of those lighthouses have remained in use to our days. Outstanding style and technological marks very well appreciated as social and cultural monuments all over the world. The thick glass prisms of the Fresnel lenses invented in 1822 focused from a whale oil or kerosene wick lantern, allowed the lights to penetrate only about 20 miles out to sea, but are still considered a marvel of engineering and art. 

These fantastic buildings are a wonderful door through which we can discover a society and it's cultural maritime heritage, touring around the Atlantic seacoast as well as through the River Plate's coast for 12 wonderful days of adventure 
and discovery.

Tours are arranged on a personal or group basis. However there must be at least two travelers to this lighthouse tour. Tours are custom made to fit your needs and interests. 

Once you've booked your flight and purchased the tickets we begin to plan your trip. There's no need for all travelers to book the same lodging, for this is a very personal choice. Hence we'll provide you with all the necessary information for you to choose among the many and interesting lodgings, from a home styled Bed and Breakfast, to a BOBO* hip inn or hotel, to a 5 star accommodation, we handle all reservations and bookings. 

For flight booking we highly recommend a Wednesday arrival to Buenos Aires for you to take the best out of your days in Buenos Aires and the amazing lighthouses we're going to visit.

Day 1: Wednesday, best day to start your holiday ...

Early morning arrival to Buenos Aires international airport, Ezeiza. 

We'll be there to pick you up and take you to your hotel, B&B or inn. Over night trips are exhausting, so you'll have a couple of hours to rest and adjust to the city. 

During the afternoon we'll pick you up and take you around the magical Buenos Aires lighthouses, some are still in use, some others have been transformed into outstanding buildings without loosing their lighthouse features. 

Sofitel hotel, the former immigrant hotel in Buenos Aires, built by the Mianovich family -who was very linked to marine business- early in the 1920s, a superb Art Deco building and lighthouse that nowadays has become a 5 star Accor hotel. Back in the early days the highest most point was concieved as a lighthouse who guided the immigrants into the city. 

Afterwards we'll head to an other superb city construction the Barolo palace. Also built early in the 20th century, this building is the perfect blend between architecture, literature and functionality. Constructed by the famous Mario many experts assure that the building commemorates the VI Centennial of Dante's revelation, were the building follow's Dantes' metric divisions. The building is crowned with a "heaven like lighthouse", above which is the Southern Cross, that can be clearly seen from the inside of the building during the first days of June around 7:45 PM, lined up to the Palace's coordinates. 

The last stop would be the outstanding Buenos Aires Yacht club lighthouse, an other Art Deco beauty designed by famous archtect Lemonnier, it was built in 1913 by the San Martino & Erausquin construction company of Buenos Aires, and it has been one of the city's trademark images ever since. 

Dinner at the Madero Docks in front of the Puerto Madero Yacht Club admiring the night features of the beautiful lighthouse and enjoying a superb Argentinean Style welcome meal.

Sofitel Hotel Image Gallery:

Link to Photo Album Sofitel Hotel,Buenos Aires,Argentina

Barolo Palace Image Gallery:

Yacht Club Argentina,Puerto MAdero ,Lighthouse Image Gallery:

Day 2: Thursday

Early morning wake up, for we're leaving for Tigre in the morning to visit the outstanding Martin Garcia Lighthouse. From the port side town Tigre we' ll head to Martin Garcia island in a vintage taxi ship from the early 1960s that has been kept in original features. Sailing through the Parana delta we 'll enjoy beautiful river fauna as well as wild birds, plus a fantastic natural scenery. Ariving to Martin Garcia island before noon, we would take a walk around the town's center, beautifully conserved throughout time, and after a typical Argentinean lunch we'll visit the island's lighthouse. In the afternoon we'll visit the fabulous Martin Garcia Lighthouse. Latter on, for this is a natural paradise island we will enjoy an outdoor afternoon birdwatching, enjoying the beautiful flora and trees of the island. We'll spend the night at the island's only inn, enjoying the best comfort food of the area.

See Image Gallery of Martin Garcia Island:

Link to Photo Album Lighthouse on Martin Garcia Island

Day3: Friaday.

We'll spend the morning enjoying a bit more of Martin Garcia island's nature, and after launch,we'll begin our return to Buenos Aires by plane. A superb experience, to enjoy an other wonderful and interesting perspective of the city from the air. For Buenos Aires has grown from the coast into the mainland, this view is unsurpassed, not tapped by tall buildings, but a superb perspective of architecture and sights. 

During the afternoon we'll visit new and old BA, it's colonial quarter, spot the greatest features of the city of tango and all major "must be there" sights, as well as shopping downtown BA. 

Buenos Aires is one of the fashion and aesthetic doors to Latin America, featuring fantastic designers and great quality items, specially leather goods. At night we'll enjoy a great traditional tango show downtown BA, and afterwards, for those edgy corageous there will be tango dancing and preparatory lessons. It'll be a night out in the city.

Day 4: Saterday

Flying to the silverscreen beach location of Argentina is the quickest and best way to get there. The most southern point of our journey is the Punta Mogotes lighthouse; its cone shape iron structure rises 32,5 meters from ground welcoming us to an amazing experience.

Located at the 38? 06' S, 57? 33' W coordinates, this lovely lighthouse welcomes all sea travelers to one of the most beautiful beach resorts of South America, that's become to be one of the hot spots to stay in during summer, when all beach parlors invite us to seat back and relax under the golden sun and also a fantastic winter getaway.

A day in Mar del Plata, visiting the lighthouse, enjoying great food and of course, during our tea, delight ourselves with one of Mar del Plata's
delicatessens: Havana alfajores, this are mini cakes filled with dulce de leche, bathed with dark chocolate or sugar frosting. Nothing compares to this exquisite treat, and Mar del Plata is homeland to Havana. When the night falls we'll enjoy a seaside dinner at the docks, of course, the specialty could be no other than the fresh and great sea food variety.

Day 5: Sunday

Trip to Valeria del Mar to visit all the areas' lighthouses on the way, pasing by Villa Gessell from the road, we will stop to take photos from a distance of the Querandi lighthouse ... 

Valeria del Mar is a perfect paradise like town by the sea. Its beautiful pine and eucalyptus woods, a sort of unspoiled getaway, strategically located in between the two biggest lighthouse areas of the northern Atlantic coastline of Argentina. 

This would be our base from which we'll go on day trips to the areas' lighthouses.

Day 6: Monday

Monday, we'll visit the Querandi lighthouse in the neighboring town Villa Gessell.This time we'll travel by 4 x 4 trucks to the lighthouse,surrounded by more than 6,000 hectares of shiny gold dunes and the everlasting blue ocean. 

Its six black and white stripes stand upon the virgin field to let us know the way to an incredible experience. 54 meters rising from the ground (plus the 11 height of the sand bank on top of which is the lighthouse's platform) and 276 steps separate us from a one of a kind view of nature. When the sun begins to go down we'll enjoy a great afternoon outdoor tea by the ocean. We'll head back to Valeria del Mar for a good night rest and a superb dinner.

Day 7: Tuesday

Early trip to Medanos Point. This cape side area was first discovered by Magallanes in 1520, during one of his many explorative expeditions through the Argentinean coast down to Tierra del Fuego, and it was such the impact its beauty had on them that they include outstanding remarks about it on their journals. This is a very special and cherished construction. It was built in France and transported and settled in Argentina between 1892-93. 

We 'll return in the afternoon to Valeria del Mar for a relax afternoon in the woods, enjoying beach walks and time off.

See Image Gallery of Medanos Point,Atlantic Oceon:

Link to Photo Album Punta Medanos lighthouse 

Day 7: Tuesday

Early in the morning will hit the route again to visit some other lighthouses further up to the north coast line up to Mar del Tuyu, to witness one modern lighthouse trend. 

The Mar del Tuyu lighthouse was the first lighthouse to be built with private funds in 1987. It was the Nautical Club of the partido de la costa who took over the construction of this lighthouse on top of this building located in 69 St. between 1st and Costanera Av. 

One of the most outstanding marks of this lighthouse are it 90 red light flashes per minute, reaching more than 200 nautical miles

Day 8: Wednesday

Day trip to Saint Anthony Lighthouse, located in a very special geography, for its cape side location to the St. Anthony cape northern point ends in a perfect 90? angle, hence the common reference to the cape as St Anthony wall. Filled with history and culture this area was discovered in one of Magellan's trips towards the end of the world and this place was discovered by the mother-ship, St Anthony. Surrounded by an unspoiled natural paradise of woods and dunes, St Anthony is also the perfect location for some insight bonding with nature and eco toursim. Back to Valeria del Mar we'll enjoy a great farewell meal, for this is our last day by the sea. Trip back to BA for a good evening sightseeing and enjoying a bit of BA's nightlife.

Day 9: Thursday

Further trips, all the way to ........Morning trip to the Stone point lighthouse located nearby the Salty river in the Buenos Aires province. This is a very interesting, nature oriented, lighthouse for the photo voltaic batteries are charged through solar panels. Cone-styled iron structure that rises from the ground to sustain the guide light, it was christened after the area's geographical characteristics.

Trip back to Buenos Aires,trvelling during the early evening ..... back to the acomodation of your choice.

Day 9: Friaday.

Early trip to ....... Across the Rio de la Plata is Colonia del Sacramento, an outstanding colonial town home to one amazing lighthouse and fantastic sights we'll enjoy throughout one and a half days. The lighthouse was built in 1857, on top of the ruins of the San Francisco Javier convent. Its cylindrical brick tower's lower half is square and the upper half circular, an architectural innovation at the that expresses the blen of Arabic architectural trends with European ones. Walking around Colonia is like a time trip to the old Colonial days, through it's narrow streets paved with stones, enjoying it's music and fantastic food.

A night in Colonia, is fun ....... 

Day 10: Saterday

We'll return to BA early in the afternoon. During the evening we'll go tango dancing and enjoy a night view of the city. Buenos Aires is a city that never sleeps, there are tons of activities during the night, amazing new and old clubs, pubs and cafes, cultural activities. We'll enjoy a very of the best of Argentina's night, at a superb wine tasting downtown BA, delicatessen treats to enjoy and set a feast for our senses.

Day 11: Sunday

Hunting for antiques and collectibles in San Telmo flea and antique market and fair.

Sunday Market in the historical quarter of the Buenos Aires, San Telmo, is the best place for antiques and collectibles hunting. All and all, a day out in San Telmo is not only about vintage items but also about all sort of cultural outdoor activities such as live bands, tango shows, art, theatre and puppets.

Day 12: Monday

Early morning farewell breakfast. Transportation to the airport.For those wanting more ....... for those interested to staying longer and see some other interesting aspects of Argentina, I've worked out the following options.

Option ONE: Tierra Del Fuego, and lighthouses down in the south of Argentina Tour.

Tierra Del Fuego, and lighthouses down in the south of Argentina Tour, heading down from Buenos Aires towards the southernmost point in the world through the marvelous patagonian lands. 

See Book for sale on Image Gallery on lighthouses IN Argentina:

Link to Photo Album Lighthouses, Argentina

Option TWO: Tierra del Fuego, shipwrecks and lighthouses,diving in the South Atalntic Tour.

In and around the world's end, the mystical and magic islands around, the straights and channels. diving in the southern Atalntic waters to discover the hidden treasures of sunk ships, the stories, the facts and folk around them. 

See Image GAllery to Shipwrecks and Lighthouses:

Link to Photo Album Book on Shipwrecks 

Option THREE:Train travel around Argentina Tour.

Train trip through Argentina. There are several options for train journeys around this beautiful country, from the northern clouds train to the southern most train of the end of the world, from the Sierras train to the amazing jungle train. These are all old train lines, original, from the early 20th century. 

And in spite of the fact that some of these were broader lines in the past and now have shorten their paths, they are still very interesting. Away from the modern comfort of the latest technology trains from Japan and Europe, these vintage original trains still hold that old charm and ways the old lines had. 

This trip is a must to all those train and steam engines fans, but also a terrific option for all those travelers wanting to experience the vintage Argentina. I can work out a customized plan for anyone wanting to go on these trips.

See Book Image Gallery of Steam Train "Trochita":

Link to Photo Album Old Patagonia Express."La Trochita"

Option FOUR:Route 40 Tour, Ruta 40, Highway all along the Andes mountains. 

Traveling around Highway 40 is an outstanding trip alternative. Needn't to take all the luxury and comfort of a sophisticated vacation, nor to let aside the adventure and outstanding sights in order to be chilling. Route 40 starts at the northern most point of Argentina and ends at. well , at the end of the World. IT runs through majestic landscapes, rich in sights and culture that are a treat to our senses. But that's not all, for it's not just about the landscape, but also about the amazing activities that can be done throughout it's broad extension, from hiking to skiing, from wine tasting to a superb gourmet experience, route 40 blends pleasure and glamour for the eyes and the palate. A must in a lifetime experience!

Interested in more information .......
See my Image Gallery on Route 40:

Link to Photo Album Ruta 40, Route 40

See Ruta 40,book for sale Image Gallery on Route 40:

Link to Photo Album Route 40,Argentina

Option FIVE: Art and Antiques Tours, Custom made to fit your needs. It can be a special item hunt throughout the country for the foreign dealer or the private Collector. Buenos Aires, regional or province tours, Argentine from top to bottom, we work on a personal customized base private or group tours. See Image Gallery of San Telmo.

See Image Gallery of San Telmo:

Link to Photo Album San Telmo, Flea Market

Bob Frassinetti. Copyright 2005 - 2011. Roberto Dario Frassinetti.

Lighthouse Tours Argentina, Uruguay and Chile
Lighthouse Martin Garcia Island, Argentina
Martin Garcia Island, Rio de la Plata

On this page, we may include pictures of our members or of the work we do.

We invite you to visit us or attend an event. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.

Lighthouses along the coast line of Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, ......
LightHouses South Amerca Way
LightHouses South Amerca Way, for Argentina, Chile and Urugay, more details as I go getting time to place them up! Want to help, go ahead, ....

View LightHouses South Amerca Way in a larger map

Book on Shipwrecks
Book on Shipwrecks down South Atlantic,Argentina. Spanish title,Naufragios en el cabo de hornos, isla de los Estados, Magallanes, Peninsula Mitre, Malvinas y Georgias del Sud by Lic. Carlos Pedro Vairo. Shipwrecks a the Cape Horn, Estate island, Magellan, Mitre Peninsula, Falkland islands and southern Georgias by Lic. Varlos Pedro Vairo Email: Bob Frassinetti. Art & Antique Dealer & Journalist working from the south of South America.
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Shipwrecks down the South Atlantic,Argentina
Shipwrecks down the South Atlantic,Argentina 
Book on Shipwrecks down South Atlantic,Argentina For more information: Email: admin@frassinetti.com Bob Frassinetti. Press here to go back to web blog:Daily Updates on Art, Antiques, Collectibles as well as travel information for Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone me thru Skype, ID: Bob Frassinetti or you can also chat with me thru Yahoo, press here: Yahoo Contact Find me on MySpace and be my friend!Bob Frassinetti's Facebook profile

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