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Name:  Bob Frassinetti Artdealler, Collector, Editor an

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Location:  La Lucila, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Birthday:  24 February, 1955
Bio:  iArtdealer Biz Art Gallery in 5 Square Meters / 5 Metr Cuadrados / 5 Mètres Carrés As-it-happens update Casa de Arte www.iartdealer.biz Cosmos World Media/News/Publishing www.cosmos.world The Buenos Aires Toy Museum, Argentina Museum/ Art Gallery/ Real Estate Development in Villa Devoto and Ser Dueno de un Museo es posible Villa Tulumba Bob Frassinetti, Entrepreneur in the World of art, art collecting and international antiques trader dealer as well as free lance journalist from Argentina, Buenos Aires, working on the web, writing both for pleasure and work on art, antiques and collectibles, in and on Buenos Aires, Argentina as well are neighbouring countries, Chile and Uruguay. "I've written for several Travel Adventure, Art & Antiques Magazines on and off the web and have researched Toys made here in Argentina, as well as Travel Adventure from Route 40 and Lighthouse Adventures along the Atlantic and Pacific coast, following like always the Dakar Rally from 2009, Join me now as we are “Building a Gallery Museum in the Province of Cordoba” Real Estate Investment in Art Bricks and Land, we are and have purchased Land for cultivating Cactus Pear Fruit, and then processing it into wine and Vodka, we are Building a Gallery Museum to Exhibit local Art and Artist as well as our exclusivity Art and Toy Museum Collection ........ but in Real Estate we are the first on to House Boats, with our project, Art + River Side Land = House Building Ideas, developing a plan for the Rivers and Lakes of Argentina a s well as the Delta Area next door to Buenos Aires, Capital City of the fascinating south of South America Country! Travelling for Art and Antiques" in all South America and I have been on line since 1996 . Exporting Art and Antiques World Wide Living with art and antiques and travelling the south of South Amercia. Argentina, Chile and Uruguay Phone Argentina ph: +54 11 47990567 alt: +54 911 44753983 Bob Frassinetti is also an experienced Travel Adventure and ... " I’m also mentioned in Lonely Planets guide books for Buenos Aires & Argentina FAVOURITE QUOTES Ser Dueno de un Museo es posible Villa Tulumba Royal Road Camino Real Cordoba Argentina Be part of this Real Estate Development , here at the Villa of Tulumba , 1 1/2 hours drive from Cordoba s International Airport, .... our project Toy Museum Art Gallery, private apartment and pool, work on your art with local and famed artisans and artist of all kinds, be part of our Museum and this small community of 1200 souls living in a Village over 300 years old and known for being an open air museum due to its colonial buildings and Cathedral, folk art and music, religious tourism / unique light for painting outdoors, mild summer and winter, small hills and many sightseeing tourism from the times of the Inca Trail and then part of the Spanish Conquest of South America and silver/ gold trade as well as many a Festival de Doma y Folklore/ Cowboys horse and Folklore Festival ,.... The Last Ona; I was born in Mejillones, born and bred,. I’m Yahgana, I am, pure, from both my Father and my Mother’s side. The last of the Ona People, Ursula Calderon Bob Frassinetti Biz well know ART & ANTIQUES DEALER & guide on the WWW from 1996 and still going strong! Since a couple of Years ago we are Developing Ideas and Real Estate opportunities with our name, Frassinetti.Biz Real Estate Developer with a Brand known as Art + Bricks + Land and now Art + Water Front Real Estate + House Boat Developing here in and along the Rivers, Lakes and Delta Area of Buenos Aires, Argentina Address Bouchard 1170, B1637AZJ La Lucila, Argentina · "I've written for several Travel Adventure, Art & Antiques Magazines on and off the web and have researched Vintage Tractors to Antique Cars made or found in Argentina, Travel Adventure, to Toys made in Argentina, and following the Dakar Rally. For everything on Art & Antiques as well as Travel Information for Buenos Aires and Argentina www.frassinetti.com
Interests:  The past, ... The first project I began to work on was the a toy museum. I found myself finding in flea markets, fairs and old toy shops beautiful and rare toys made in Argentina about which there was no information available. I looked everywhere until I found out that I couldn?t find it ?cause it didn?t existed. All the amazing Argentine made toys I collected were made during the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, and unlike other countries in the world who worry about their history and cultural legacy, we ?as a society- have let them in forget. So at the same time I collected vintage and antique toys I began to develop a research group who was in charge of finding all loose pieces available to complete the puzzle of the Argentinean toy industry?s history. The result has been so far not only encouraging but amazing, for besides of understanding the true nature of some of our most marvelous items, I?ve had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing many of the most outstanding Argentinean industrials. The Museum has grown ever since I blended the objects with the information about them. And it has become to be the first virtual museum on Argentinean toys in the country and in Latin America. The feedback we?ve received throughout these incredible years of hard and hearted work have gave us strength and passion to keep on developing what so far is has come to be a brilliant idea. At the same time the Museum grew and I began to discover the richness in Argentina?s cultural and social history through means of one of its material productions: toys. A ticking question my toy oriented research unveiled was that every culture reflexes their vision of the world through their objects, and I found out that many American models that were been produced in Argentina were been adapted to the Latin American cultural public. So I began to wonder about how an immigrant built country?s objects would reflect this, and it has been quite a great surprise, the blend of the indigenous, colonial and immigrant cultures is superb down here and the objects these past generations have left us are outstanding. This is how Art Dealer, as a cultural and collectibles project began. My initial knowledge of art and antiques, and my experience with cultural research at the Museum were the foundation for Art Dealer to begin to grow. At the same time, as I kept on traveling through the bewitching scenarios of the beautiful Argentina I began to understand a bit more about that eclectic and gorgeous culture that intrigued me so much about the objects of our forefathers. Precious treasures, hidden under the everyday life?s chores. To me this has been a discovering experience that has filled me with joy, and keeps on surprising me every day as a young child who begins to open up to the world?s marvels. When Argentina, during the 2001 crisis, began to open up to travelers from all over the world, who were coming to discover this wonderful place, I thought I had to share my experience with those who cherished culture, traveling, and discovering as much as I did. I also thought that if I were to travel overseas I?d love to do it the way the saying says: When in Rome, you do what Romans do? and nothing better than a Roman to show you how. To share my knowledge and discoveries, I design custom made tours, not only ?cause I like to work on a personal basis, but because I deeply believe each of us is unique and has different interests and passions and mass produced standard culture leaves out ?some times- very important things. And for Buenos Aires, as every other metropolis has something to offer to each and every one of us, likewise Argentina. Seven years have gone by now since I?ve began to picture this broad cultural project, and each and every one of the days I?ve worked to develop my idea have been amazing, with its ups and downs, inputs and changes of direction. I?m very glad and grateful to be able to do what I love most and to be able to share it with others who, as myself find this lifetime experience unique and beautiful. Bob Frassinetti
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