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ZERO M-702 die cast Argentina
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ZERO M-702 die cast Argentina GALGO tm 
ZERO M-702 Japan World War 2 Two, II, never used, ........fighter plane over the Pacific, Rare Aeroplane air plane, die cast made in Argentina in Bob with window, box a bit banged around, but item in excelente condition never used, ....... Manufactured by Galgo Very Rare Serie Aguilas del Aire Zero M-702, Messerschmitt, Aviojet C-101, Avicar C-212, Cessna 210, Cessna 402, lear Jet 36, Boeing 747-M, Fokker-UFW F-27, Super Mirage 4000, .......... Shipping with tracking number from The Buenos Aires Toy Museum run by Bob Frassinetti.