Villa Tulumba Cordoba Argentina
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Coat of Arms Villa Tulumba  
""The latest cultural trend is to be unique. to be part of the exquisite VIP section of society lays on the fact that those who belong are not mass manufactured, not mass consumers, but elite consumers, one of a kind people. The outside appearance of a celebrity cannot be now purchased at a department store, for they customize their look, their style, themselves. Nowadays clothing and fashion are approaching this conception of production. Each item, each shirt, skirt, sock, shoe are kind of unique but not in a couture way, but in a more casual way." -- BOB FRASSINETTI " Meantime, ............... Read daily Up Dates on Art and Antiques for Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina also exports antiques over 100 years old with the help of Bob Frassinetti Read all about the South of South America, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay on this link. Updated and new web site, The Buenos Aires Toy Museum, Argentina Chat some more soon, ................................ Bob Frassinetti. Art + Bricks + Land, Museum Gallery Real Estate in Villa Tulumba | Promote your Page too