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Travel Argentina
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Travelling with Bob Frassinetti in Chiloe, Chile 
Every travel magazine from any mayor city around the globe has lately included Buenos Aires as one of the hottest, most interesting, posh and appealing locations to visit. Surely you've heard some things about this South American capital. May be you know about our absolutely great beef. That BA is the birthplace and capital of tango. That we love soccer and beautiful women. May be you know that Buenos Aires is also known as the South American Paris because of it's superb beauty and high fashion sense. But this gorgeous city is much more than that, and is just what you're looking for your upcoming vacation getaway. We can make your stay in Buenos Aires an unforgettable experience of great living, just to fit your dream vacation. Our customized tour services are listed in both Lonely Planet Buenos Aires and Lonely Planet Argentina. Sophisticated, culturally rich and with an amazing Art scene, Buenos Aires is diverse and wonderful, and we know all about it: its history, culture, social life, hot spots and hidden treasures. Our personalized and customized tour services are specially tailored for YOU, to fit YOUR needs. So if you're expecting a group tour in one of those huge buses, having 5 minute stops at pre arranged "tourist" spots and a mass conceived service, we're afraid we're not the crew for you, but all the same we can refer you to a local tour operator that will take great care of you and your loved ones. What you will find with us, instead, is a small group of experts that will tailor a special tour circuit for you and your traveling partners. This is not a group service, we only tour traveling partners and we don't mix and match. We'll take you in and around in our private car, show you the city you're interested in discovering and enjoy each of the spots along the way. Our schedule is your enjoyment, we don't rush, we want you to enjoy and relax in your vacations and we handle everything for you to enjoy the best vacation. We customize services for leisure travelers as well as business men and women. Our 15 year expertise in the Art, antiques and collectibles world puts us in a privileged position to tailor art and antiques hunts for dealers from around the globe. We provide not only insightful information but also priceless contacts with the local dealer scene. We know the people, the goods and the market. The only thing you need to tell us is what you're looking for and we'll take it from there. We work from the minute you begin to plan your trip, to the second you finally receive the full container back home with all the goods bought in Argentina at fabulous prices that will get you a great profit rate, unmatchable. If you had bought in Paris, Rome and the rest of Europe for your Antiques so far, and you feel a bit ripped of with the high Euro, then Buenos Aires is the place for you. Top notch antiques and art, for reasonable wholesale prices and an experience of a lifetime. Our 10 year experience in developing cultural services and researching projects, internationally published articles as well as information provided to tour forums and websites around the planet, are the ground foundation upon what we work to customize leisure travel of all kinds. If you're traveling to Argentina and Buenos Aires, we take personal care of you and your satisfaction. We will show you the best of Buenos Aires, take you to amazing places, introduce you to our cultural and social traditions as well as share the best of our cuisine and wines. Just you and us, you'll become a true local touring BA. We'll make sure you feel at ease and at home. We handle everything, from flight and hotel reservations, and pick up rides to the airport to any side trip in and around Argentina or neighboring countries. Your only worry will be to relax and enjoy the best of this amazing country. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ART DEALER CUSTOMIZED SERVICES We are argentine based and fluent English spoken. We have decades of experience. Let us build your dream vacation from scratch. You have the idea, we'll do the rest For more information :Email: The Buenos Aires Art Dealer, Bob Frassinetti. Press here to go to the Buenos Aires Art Dealer, San Telmo Section :The Buenos Aires Art Dealer. San Telmo. Press here to go to the Buenos Aires Toy Museum :The Buenos Aires Toy Museum, Argentina. Press here to read Daily updates on Art, Antiques and Collectibles :Everything on Antiques and Art in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Bob Frassinetti. Copyright 2005. Updated in 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Roberto Dario Frassinetti.