The Cottage in the Woods
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Descripción: Valeria del Mar Cottage for RENT Pinamar next to Carilo The Cottage in the Woods, Valeria del Mar Cottage for RENT in between Pinamar next to Carilo On the street named Cabeza de Vaca inbetween Solis and Betverde, Valeria del Mar and auction Price is per day of Rent all included from white linen to ... "with all of todays comfort" and with maid. The following is an exclusive auction for those who enjoy the delights of life and nature. From a weekend stay up to all the time you want, at this wonderful house, with private eucalyptus and pine trees woods, located in the peaceful and gorgeous seaside resort of Valeria del Mar. This two storied, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, study, woods view kitchen and living room cozy home is the perfect place to go when you?re looking for relaxation, quality leisure, getting in touch with your inner self and bond with nature. In the middle of a natural and unspoiled paradise, this seaside cottage is a homey environment in which you?ll find really easy to relax. With all the comfort options provided by the 21st century: satellite TV, internet connection, international phone service, microwave, etc, you can escape the craziness of the city just 4 hours drive or a 40 minute plane ride. Gorgeously decorated with antiques, top notch collectibles and local crafts and arts, the rustic yet BOBO feel of this beautiful cottage with a outdoor wooden deck with fireplace and brick grill is an outstanding option to get in touch with you and bond with those you love and treasure. ........ ........ video quality international movies, the beautiful fireplace and amazing woods view from the house, living room area bow window. The areaof Pinamar is a well known for outdoor programs and trips. From lighthouse tours, to deep sea shark fishing; from horseback rides through the local woods and broad golden sand beaches, to luxury nights at the Casino. Combine a wonderful seaside therapy Spa day with the outstanding local food and wine. Treat yourself, treat your soul, you can book this wonderful beach cottage in the woods with maid service included from a day up! IMPORTANT: No Commsion, only deposit, you also pay only what you use with the phone line, all other utility bills are takeb care off ..... and "Please" contact before as some days are allready taken ...... Bob Frassinetti in Buenos Aires, Argentina