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Tango with Bob Frassinetti
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Bob Frassinetti  
Being sensual, being a global tango dancer while in Buenos Aires. The great flow of travelers coming to the River Plate in search of a life experience of dance and sensuality grows by the minute. Buenos Aires is the place where the sensual dance was born late in the 19th century, and to where tango lovers from around the planet turn to for a true encounter with the dance, its traditions, its unique features and to discover its modern place in the Argentine and global culture. Tango is a dual word, for it makes reference both to the dance and the music. And while this last meaning was the one that prevailed throughout the second half of the twentieth century and the first one got left behind in the darkness of late milongas –tango dance places- and complicated cultural features; it’s in these third millennium days when and where the original dance has retuned to the centerline of society and world around attention. The ritualized ceremony of tango, the costume dress and suit, the special shoes and the rich brilliantly executed music has been exported around the globe by passionate Argentines. Now you can tango in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco… but there’s no place like the birth place, the true originality of Buenos Aires and its people. Tango dancers from all over the globe flow to Buenos Aires for the true thing. The intrinsic magic within the atmosphere is truly appealing to those coming to BA. That individual who back home lives a pretty normal life, works every day from 9 to 5, and enjoys weekends with family and friends chilling at home or outing… when in Buenos Aires, all dressed up in tango outfit, heading towards a milonga ballroom and inviting a gorgeous local dancer to join him or her at the dance floor takes them to a world of fantasy and sensuality where anything and everything can happen. There are countless life stories of tango fans relocating permanently or semi permanently to Buenos Aires for an everlasting tango oriented life with all those things you’ve dreamed of and much more. This South American capital city is not only culturally and socially appealing to people around the globe, but it’s also really affordable in a great living sense. The local currency is 3 to one Dollar or 3.5 to one Euro, so your life expenses when in Buenos Aires or anywhere else in Argentina drop to an extent that for the same money you spend back home in an average existence, down in BA you get to live the life you’ve ever dreamt of. As the Knight Ridder journalist Anne Chalfant described in her recent piece on Affordable Argentina: “Some people, such as longtime Oakland, Calif., resident Deby Novitz, can't settle for a few weeks a year. In December 2004, the 52-year-old technology consultant sold her house in California and moved to Buenos Aires to dance full time. She picked up an affordable three-bedroom apartment in the city's ritzy Palermo neighborhood and has turned it into a guesthouse for visiting dancers. It's often booked two months in advance.” Deby though American is now a true Argentine tango citizen, living the life she always dreamt of… The testimonials of those life changing decisions are endless, for in some way Buenos Aires and Argentina have become an earthy paradise to which people seeking to enjoy life to its most relocate and make their dreams come true!