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San Francisco del Chanar
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Bob Frassinetti 
Tours in Argentina Topic: Camino Real and Cultural Tours Cultural Tours in Argentina. Bob Frassinetti, Art and Antique Dealer from Argentina caters for people from around the globe with an interest in the Argentinean Spanish language, culture, art and society. We operate in conjunction with highly trained academic staff of respected institutions and specially selected local artists and crafts people play a central teaching role for this program unlike other learning experiences is unique as well as customise to fit your needs. The main part of the learning activity takes place in workshops with patient and friendly teachers and in lovely and comfortable environments. Groups are limited to 10 participants so that our teachers can give you an unusual degree of individual attention. To intensify your experience of Argentinean "Portenian" ( that of the inhabitants of Bs As ) culture, as much as that of the Interior of the Country we participate in a number of traditional activities and we take you off the tourist trail, behind the scenes, without ever compromising your safety or comfort. Our groups stay in small, cosy hotels and lodges whose local character and unpretentious charm bring you closer to the people and their traditional way of life. Finally, we offer you all of this at a very competitive price See also our information on, Press Links below Travel Argentina , Lighthouse around Argentina Tour and Route 40 Tour, Camino Real, Camino del Inca, ........... For more information you can also email me. Email Bob Frassinetti. Bob Frassinetti. Copyright 2005 2018 Roberto Dario Frassinetti.