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RDD2 Made in Argentina Robot
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RD D2 made from wood and moves 
NEW FEATURES Buenos Aires Toy Museum as much knows the important thing that they were, for the thousand and thousand life of users like for those who created them, those articles that have made history in our country; vehicles, toys, wrists, little figures, clothes, household-electric and hundreds of objects more became national √≠conos that marked times of our past. For that reason it is that we decided to establish a service that takes care of these necessities particular. Our museum is honored in presenting the possibility of organizing productions and reproductions on scale of toys and articles order, as much with regard to massive lines of merchandising like a collectable retorts. For more information it visits our section Gift shop or better still, contact us! When you purchase an item at the Buenos Aires Toy Museum all profits are invested in the development of the Museum. When buying a toy from our Toy Museum you're not only buying a bit of the History of Argentina, but also contributing to the conservation of vintage and antiques toys, and to furthering the museum's research project on Argentine toy industries and to rescue valuable items for forget and the pass of time. Thank you for helping us to keep on developing this fantastic project! The Buenos Aires, “Toy Museum Team”. For more information :Email: The Buenos Aires Toy Museum, Bob Frassinetti. Press here to go to the Toy Museum :The Buenos Aires Toy Museum, Argentina. Bob Frassinetti