Mercado Libre Auction South America
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Buy on line on eBays affiliate here in Argentina and other South America countries, using MercadoLibre. Bob Frassinetti Arts and Antiques Team Procedure & Fees Welcome! We buy items on MercadoLibre in all South America auction sites/online shops on your order. All you have to do is to tell us what you want, where it is and we will do all the work for you. Enjoy exploring for rare items in South America! Procedure: Please send us an email with the website link of the item (either on auction sites or on regular online shops) and the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item. We will try to get the item for you. If we get the item successfully, we will ask you to pay for the fees (commission, and cost of the item). As soon as we confirm your payment, we will contact the seller. We'll let you know the cost of the shipment (international either local mail, to Fed Express UPS or even direct Air Freight or Cargo) an aprox before purchasing the item. Pay for the shipment. And the item is on the way! Fees: Commission: go from as low as 5% to a 10%, 20, 30% of the item price and up, all depends what?s its cost, it?s not the same work to buy you a trading card to buying you an Old Steam Engine or a Vintage Car or Motorcycle or even a condominium in Buenos Aires, Punta del Este or Villa de Tulumba?. The actual cost: the item, plus domestic shipment (by whatever means available and recommended), and plus then international shipment (converted into US dollar or the Euro, using our specified exchange rate). More Information email us, Bob Frassinetti and the Buenos Aires Art and Antique Team. Contact me for more information, Bob Frassinetti. "Bob Frassinetti Biz by iPhone" Home Page: Conact by Email: Email: Bob Frassinetti. Contact me by phone Skype, ID: Bob Frassinetti or you can also chat with me thru Yahoo, press here: iPhone Contact Find iArtdealer for Travel Information on Argentina!