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Leather Hand Bags made in Argentina
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Fashion in Argentina Leather Hand Bags made in Argentina  
Jewellery and couture can also be found in this amazing city. Strolling down Alvear Av. in the Recolecta Area we'll take you to the best jewellery stores in the city; Argentineans are very much fond of jewels so there are various types for you to choose from, traditional vintage ones, tailored made as well as vanguard modern ones, silver, gold, platinum, “alpacha”, diamonds, all kinds of precious stones... your dream jewel can come true! Around this very chick area we'll take you shopping and find all you came looking for, even those outfits you wanted to buy back home but turned out to be too expensive, here in Buenos Aires those same stores -Gucci, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Valentino, Versace- sell the very same collections in pesos (remember its three times cheaper that in dollars and a bit less than four times cheaper than in Euros). After a long day out shopping you'd enjoy a great relax in one of our excellent spas, massages, aroma therapy, sauna, swimming a bit in the pool would help you to regain energy. So if you are interested in Art Fashion or Antiques, and you are thinking of travelling to Argentina Chile or Uruguay please feel free to email me…….. Please feel free to contact Bob Frassinetti: For more information: Email: Bob Frassinetti. Press here to see all topics on Art, Antiques and Travel Information for Buenos Aires & Argentina:Everything on Art, Antiques, Collectibles as well as travel information for Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Phone me thru Skype, ID: Bob_Frassinetti or you can also chat with me thru Yahoo, press here: Yahoo Contact Find me on MySpace and be my friend! Or Phone: +54 911 4475 3983 or in B's A's: 15 4475 3983 ) Invest in Argentina Real Estate an uprunning opportunity with a Future Read The Buenos Aires Art Dealer a e-zine magazine on Art, Antiques & Collectibles from Argentina. The Buenos Aires ArtDealer, Argentina.