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Lanza Pampa Argentina Update July 2017
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Lanz Pampa Bulldog 
Lanz Bulldog D9506 huntong tractors in Argentina. Lanz Tractors in Argentina: Bulldog and Pampa The origin of Lanz tractors can be traced to the early 1920s. These German tractors were made in the plant in Manheim in Germany until approximately 1960, where the majority of the models had single cylinder, horizontal, two-stroke engines. LANZ In Germany, Lanz produced Bulldog tractors including the Model T crawler and the L, N and P wheeled models offering 15, 23 and 45bhp respectively. Back in the early days, Lanz was synonym of efficiency and low cost strong machines. This made them special within the international market for it was the best ally to start off agricultural businesses. This unique feature made of Lanz tractors a world wide trademark, exporting their models in and around the globe. Lanz came to Argentina through means of importing the finished product the same way they did in other Latin American countries such as Uruguay, Brazil, etc. These greatly appreciated tractors had bee manufactured at Mannheim Germany from the mid 1930's until the Second World War. At that point more than 100,000 Bulldog tractors had been produced when the factory was virtually destroyed by bombing in the early part of the Second World War. After a struggle to re-establish production after the war it was the late 1940's before the 06 series of tractors reappeared in 1956 John Deere took over the company and the old Lanz factory is now their European manufacturing base. The history of Lanz tractors in Argentina is all in all richer, for these famous German Field machines were the base inspiration for Argentina’s single most interesting made Tractor: PAMPA. Made during the second presidency of Juan Domingo Peron, the State Industry Company IAME, altered the German Bulldog Lanz to make it the Argentine way. The traditional blue color in these tractors was changed for a bright orange. Changing the type of gas supply which in Germany was Diesel oil for a cheaper fuel available in Argentina which was a mix of kerosene and used oil or even animal fat, the Pampa was a really inexpensive productive tractor. There were only 3500 Pampa tractors made in Argentina. Updated July 2017