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Justicialista car and the Pick up Rastrojero
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The Justicialista car made in Argentina 
Email Bob Frassinetti. All about Frassinetti.Com, Buenos Aires,Argentina. The Justicialista cars were a turning point within the Argentine auto industry, for this was the first time a State owned company produced civil vehicles for the local market. Iame, Industria Aeronautica y Mecanica del Estado (State Mechanical and Aeronautical Industry) began to develop these vehicles during the early 50s when due to post war economic reconstruction, Argentina was lacking supplies in this area from its traditional providers. For more information :Email Bob Frassinetti. Press here to go to The Buenos Aires Art Dealer, our webzine magazine on Art, Antiques & Collectibles made or found in Argentina. The Buenos Aires Art Dealer,Argentina. Bob Frassinetti. Copyright 2005. Roberto Dario Frassinetti.
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