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Francisco Adaro, erotic art & artist from Argentina
Francisco Adaro, erotic art & artist from Argentina
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Francisco Adaro, erotic art.Year, 2004. Updated 2012 Buenos Aires, Argentina. For more information ; Email: Bob Frassinetti. Press here to go back to the Buenos Aires Artdealer for iPhones, iArtdealer;Art Dealer & Journalist. Bob Frassinetti | Create your badge
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Updated 2012 Bob Frassinetti Copyright Roberto Dario Frassinetti
Email Bob Frassinetti. The Buenos Aires Art Dealer,Argentina. Many of my works are exhibited at: Mutual Enrique Santos Discepolo (Argentina), Comisión nacional de excombatientes de Malvinas, Mutual sentimiento (Argentina), Mutual Homero Manzi, Centro cultural Nuestras Raíces (Argentina), Museo regional Rhuma Huasi (Córdoba, Argentina), UOM de Quilmes, UOM Matanza, Asociación de Artesanos y productores Tai Pichin,(Córdoba-Argentina), Asociación de Productores Apicolas de Olavarria (Argentina) and some of his works have allready been sold to private collectors in the United States .