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The Buenos Aires Real Estate Project 
Building Real Estate Investment for Collectors & Collectibles. Investment with a future……… Buenos Aires with a view It often comes to my mind that life’s all about taking pleasure in the things you do. I’m an art & antique dealer, a collector in my own way. It comes from my heart, it’s an inner impulse. I enjoy very much a great item, interesting crafting, and the uniqueness in the things I own. I have collected items even before I was a dealer; all sort of interesting things that caught my eye. When I was a child, these actions of mine were referred as hobbies, now; I’m a collector, into collectibles. I don’t mind labels. Recently I got hold of an article about investing in collectibles. An enlightening article. That pointed to different approaches to this way of investment. Throughout the article the author approached the pros and cons of investing in collectibles, the sales profits, the losses throughout time and the low return of your investment… It’s obvious; an item goes a long way before it’s appreciated as an antique or vintage item. For example, Christie’s –the famous British auction house- has just recently begun to auction 1970s vintage items. So, you can figure out how long you’ll have to wait… To us, collectors’, waiting isn’t a problem, and our collectibles are not just mere money investments of which we’re expecting a monetary return soon. Most of our returns are passionate feelings awaked by the beauty of the item we’ve acquired; non tangible profits are one of the best possible returns for a collector. The exact moment in which you spot the object of your affection, when you point it out from the crowd and decide it has to be yours, has no price. Collectibles go all the way from toys to scholar items, from stamps to sculptures, art pieces, vintage trains and antique cars… Indeed, our collectibles are investments. Of course these items can be bought and sold over and over, and in each transaction we can make some extra money. But investing in collectibles is not just about the money, and anyone who’s a collector knows what I’m talking about. We, collectors, invest our time and money not just in the purchase of the item in question but also in its conservation and also in its background history. Investing in collectibles is exiting and interesting. But I don’t think we look at this “investment” in monetary terms, at least not the whole of it. I think collectors are natural investors that consider the economical side as much as the emotional and non tangible ones. I’m thinking that at this moment in time marching my 2 pet projects together, The Buenos Aires Toy Museum and “” could be developed into a profitable Real Estate holding investment, thought by collectors for fellow collectors. The idea is simple, it would consist of purchasing a property in one of Buenos Aires most exclusive areas and developing a boutique-museum lodging. A special location for collectors from all over the world who appreciate Argentinean made items –from vintage toys to art-, customized rooms exhibiting one of a kind collectibles, special experts on Argentinean collectibles arranging antique hunts to unknown and valuable markets within Buenos Aires, are just some of this investment’s attractive features. In terms of investments, Argentinean Real Estates is one of the most profitable ventures at the moment offering US Dollar gains and profits not in “pesos”. At this moment it’s just an idea, which I’m developing. I’ll follow up on this as soon as I have some more spare time. Bob Frassinetti