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About Route 40 Argentina 
Argentina, Ruta 40, all about Route 40 Argentina but in English, for those traveler's who might understand ONLY the English Language! About The mystical route 40 borders the Andes Mountains from the Puna to the southern Glaciers. Atop the beauty and magical nature surrounding this highway all along, the trace has a deep cultural and historical significance. Mission All about Route 40 Argentina Description Traveling around Highway 40 is an outstanding trip alternative. Needn't to take all the luxury and comfort of a sophisticated vacation, nor to let aside the adventure and outstanding sights in order to be chilling. Route 40 runs through majestic landscapes, rich in sights and culture that are a treat to our senses side by side the Andes Mountains from the nothernmost beautiful Jujuy to the southern and magical Megallen Straight. But that's not all, for it's not just about the landscape, but also about the amazing activities that can be done throughout it's broad extension, from hiking to skiing, from wine tasting to a superb gourmet experience, route 40 blends pleasure and glamour for the eyes and the palate. A must in a lifetime experience! With kind Permission from the original Argentina Ruta 40 Group in Spanish! As well as on Face Book, check LINKs below!