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Collectors Guide to Argentinian Trading Cards and Album
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From GPK's TO..... 
Garbage Pail Kids, Basuritas made ONLY in Argentina and FOR SALE Welcome graphic Garbage Pail Kids Collecters World Wide. The BUENOS AIRES TOY MUSEUM.ARGENTINA. The NEW Buenos Aires Toy Museum and soon in 3D only in Argentina Basuritas For SALE Original Series 1 and 2 from the late 1980's Loose cards for sale. Series 1 from the 1980's Seris 2 1980's Basuritas & Monster original Edition from early 1990s Album Very rare packets from way back,in black yellow and green.For sale. Full Holofoil set of 36 The best cards ever made and For Sale rare Blue Box for Holofoil Set Rare gift cards that came in the packets. Set of 44 Trading Cards Set of 189 insert cards fro Black Album Set of 144 Cards Two types of supliment albums as well as red packets with hard to get Flyers or Leaflets! Basuritas 2 from the year 2003 Basuriats 3 from the year 2004 Comes also with mini, trading cards Rare Promotion Album and flyer Bsuritas 3 Made in Argentina Hand made and one of a kind. wow! The Atomic Booooooom! From Holywood and Broadway "Los Asquerositos" Album and packs, green. See what the inside of the album looks like. ALL original "Basuritas" from Argentina. In Spain they are know as,"La Pandilla Basura".In France as "Les Crados" and in Italy as "Sgorbians",in Israel,"Havurat Ha'zevel", Japan "Bukimi Kim", Norway and Africa "Garbage Gang" , so world wide collecters,get your set today from Argentina! Read on for more information, Bob Frassinetti.