Buby Diecast Argentina
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Buby Diecast Made in Argentina 
Toy Museum: Where does the Buby name come from, what does it mean? Buby: Well, that's a whole other story. the thing is that we were all burning our heads trying to come up with a name for the company. First we thought Terry, then Roby, after that one more thousand names. We wanted a short name, that people could remember, that it was kind of catchy. And after a while I decided to name the company as myself, Buby, which had been how my Dad called me when I was born and stayed with me forever. For more information :Email: The Buenos Aires Toy Museum,Bob Frassinetti. Press here to go to the Toy Museum :The Buenos Aires Toy Museum,Argentina. Bob Frassinetti. Copyright 2005. Updated in 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Roberto Dario Frassinetti.